The Menu


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Special of the day 14€
Confit leek LC, smoked sardine, Joselito cured pok jowl and romesco sauce 14€
White asparagus LC, creamy mashed potatoes, grated wallnut 16€
LC confit artichoke flower, cured egg yolk and Joselito ham 14€
Pickled Joselito loin salad, lychees and grapes 15€
Smoked sardine salad with peanut vinaigrette 16€
LC Salad with artichokes, white asparagus and leeks 18€
Tomato from Tudela and albacore salad 19€

Bar classics

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Joselito ham croquettes 12€
Joselito 'abanico' dumplings 12€
Cod omelette with eggs from Mos 14€
Fried egg from Mos, LC mushrooms, Joselito cured pork jowl and fries 10€
Charcuterie potato salad 12€
Baby broad beans LC, Joselito ham, egg from Mos and creamy mashed potato 12€
Crispy pork trotter, scallops and kimchi sauce 20€

A must

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Joselito ham Vintage 2015 22€
Joselito loin 14€
Joselito coppa 14€
Joselito chorizo 8€
Joselito salami 8€
Joselito Universe 19€


Full Portion
Joselito Trilogy: Pluma (feather cut), Presa (shoulder cut) and Secreto (shoulder steak) 29€
Pluma Joselito (feathert cut) 24€
Presa Joselito (shoulder cut) 20€
Secreto Joselito (shoulder steak) 19€
Joselito burger 14€
Crispy suckling pig, pumpkin puree, orange and tamarind hoisin 24€
Truffled poularde, anise, cinnamon and citrus chutney 18€
Beef sirloin steak tartare 28€
Galician beef ribeye (500 g) 46€
To accompany the meat: chimichurri, smoked ginger and citrus

Wild Fish

Full Portion
Cantabrian wild hake 24€
Cod Biscayne-style 22€
Catch of the day S/M

Side dishes

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Mashed potatoes 4€
Fries 4€
Salad 4€
Piquillo peppers LC 7€


Full Portion
NY Cheesecake 6€
Lemon tart 6€
Chocolate ingot 6€
Caramelized French toast with ice cream 8€
Manchego cured cheese 12€

Bread service - 2€

Tasting Menu - 68€

Spinach and shrimp croquettes
Coppa esclair
Zucchini cream with carbonara foam and crispy ham

Smoked sardine, pork jowl and romesco on confit LC leek
White asparagus LC in two textures, creamy potato and walnut cloud
Scallop with Albariño mushroom soubisse
Cantabrian wild hake, pickled sauce
Suckling pig, pumpkin puree, orange and tamarind hoisin

Creamy rosemary, lime frost and red berries
Caramelized French toast and cinnamon ice cream


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